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We encourage and welcome rigorous debate here at The Daily.

However, there is no policy of unlimited free speech and there are certain things that will not be tolerated. Here’s an outline designed to give a flavour of what will not be accepted, but it’s not meant to be an exhaustive list.

First off, if you are a BNP member, if you are extreme right, if you think that foreigners should stay foreign, then you have no place here. Don’t bother posting as I will enjoy deleting in a second what probably took you an hour to spell properly.

Secondly trolling. Trolls are like elephants, I’m not going to spend time describing them, but they know what they are. If you are trolling then, if I’m in a good mood you will get one warning. If you’ve had your warning, if the offence is serious, or if I’m in a bad mood, then you can bet your trunk that you will be deleted and won’t get another chance.

Finally, being a really annoying Tory. I’m all up for engaging. I’m up for having good natured debates. But if you’re just here to “wind up the lefties”, don’t bother. You’ll have more fun here or trying your luck with Guido. He’s not nearly as nice as we are.


2 Responses to Comment policy

  1. Richard Patient says:

    The thing I will not tolerate is crap spelling. Tolerate is spelt with one L.

  2. Duly corrected. This junior correspondent makes no comment, but will surreptitiously place a dictionary on the Editor-in-Chief’s desk…

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