Sports personality of the year

December 11, 2006

Is the state of British sport really that bad that the sports personality of the year is Zara Philips?

She swept professionals who dedicate their lives to their sport aside to reach the title as a part-timer, albiet a very well connected part-timer. We at the Daily suspect that if she weren’t a member of the most famous disfunctional family in the country, an obscure horsey person would never have won.


Hoon do you think you are?

November 1, 2006

The Times has one of the most amusing stories The Daily has ever seen.  Apparently, Geoff Hoon got a right royal ticking off from Margeret Beckett at the FCO pre-meeting for Question Time on Monday.  Beckett is said to have told Hoon he would not be answering any questions on Europe.  After arguing about the fairness or otherwise of that, he was told “I am the Foreign Secretary and that’s it”. He then replied, “Margaret, you can’t stop me from coming to Foreign Office Questions.” She is said to have replied: “Well, I can’t physically stop you.” 

The Daily isn’t a big fan of boxing, but Margeret – we think you could physically stop him.

As an aside, an impeccable source informs us that Hoon, still smarting at his demotion from Secretary of State grade, insisted on the name plate of his new ministerial door saying, “Geoff Hoon, Minister for Europe (entitled to attend Cabinet)”.  Amazing.

Play nicely children

October 19, 2006

Justine Greening, speaking for those Tories on the Companies Bill in parliament yesterday, got into a bit of a tear up with Margeret Hodge.  Greening said something rude about Hodge, who wouldn’t let it go.  Eventually, the Speaker had to speak in:

Margaret Hodge: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I will not interrupt the hon. Lady again unless she provokes me, but she was misrepresenting me. When I said, “none”, I meant, “no jobs.”

Mr. Speaker: That is a rebuttal for a later stage. Misrepresentation is a very strong term. The Minister could always say that the hon. Lady was mistaken, which is nicer.

Whoever said that the Mother of all Parliaments can get a little like a boarding school may well have had a point…

Take me out to the ballgame

October 4, 2006

Yesterday saw the first night of the baseball post-season playoffs – the last month of the baseball calender where the best of baseball’s two leagues battle it out to see who can make it to the World Series (cue jokes about not being the world etc.)

Yankees star closer, Mariano Rivera
This year could be a good one for the New York Yankees, having looked really good towards the end of the season. They’ve underperformed for the last few years and even seen the trusty eighty-something year curse on their rival Red Sox broken as the Bostonians won the World Championship in 2004.

Boston aren’t in this year’s play offs, having gotten rid of half of their star-studded Championship team, so we won’t have to suffer endless references to the plucky underdogs of the Red Sox. It grates when they are still one of the biggest sports teams in the world.

The eight teams that have made it through are:

New York Yankees – should do well having come good second half of the season.
Detriot Tigers – usually average team, made the early running but faded towards the end of the season
Oakland A’s – a solid team who could do well if their form holds up – suspect pitching towards the end of the rotation
Minisota Twins – Came from behind to win the American League Central Division, just pipping the Tigers
St Louis Cardenals – Did well in a pretty average division. Can’t see them going all the way.
San Diego Padres – Didn’t really shine in the National League West, won division tied with the Dodgers
LA Dodgers – Who could want the Dodgers to win since they moved out of Brooklyn?
New York Mets – Surely the big hope of the National League. The Mets have been a form team all season and picked up 97 wins in the season, equalling the yankees for the highest number of wins in the year.

A subway series of Mets vs Yankees in the World Series would be great for baseball and would make for a perfect match up.

Our tips….? The Yanks have to be favourites, but that will be reflected in their odds, so perhaps the smart money will go on the Mets.

Everyone’s doing it

July 25, 2006

I know this isn’t really news. It’s been all over the papers, the broadcast news and everything but… Can people please stop headbutting people and animals??

I know that the horse threw him, but what possesses a person to headbut a horse?