Norwich at the heart of Westminster

September 9, 2006

We were amused to see our so-called rivals at the Times indulging in a spot of Westminster blokery this morning.  In his short profile of the Brown-Clarke spat, political editor Phil Webster suggests that the two big beasts’ rivalries have been kept to a minimum in the past because of Ed Balls’ and Clarkes’ mutual love for Norwich City.  He says:

“Norwich City Football Club may have had a small part to play in what many saw as an improvement in their relations in recent years. Mr Clarke is one of the local MPs and an avid fan, as is Ed Balls, Mr Brown’s closest ally and now Economic Secretary to the Treasury, and they have often met at matches.”

Phil may be in a better position than most to recount that – he goes to matches with Ed Balls himself, being yet another die-hard Norwich supporter at the heart of Westminster.

Here at The Daily, we too have been offered – over drinks at TUC Congress no less – the chance to sit in on a Norwich match with big Ed.  We declined – we can’t be bought.  And anyway, this writer’s behaviour at Norwich matches is so disgraceful, it would be a career ending game of two halves.