Cruddas and the bloggers

Yesterday gave The Daily a chance to join other bloggers in a conference call with Jon Cruddas.

The conversation was extremely positive, discussing the potential for the internet and blogging to be a positive new tool, not just for Jon’s campaign, but for the Labour Party as a whole.  What was also refreshing was that Jon actually listened to what all of us had to say about internet campaigning.

I think that’s one of the big differences between Jon and the other candidates – he seems to be actually listening to what people on the ground in the Labour Party are saying. That’s exactly the kind of change we need at the top of the Labour Party and this election is our chance to get it.


One Response to Cruddas and the bloggers

  1. […] As some other bloggers have mentioned, last night saw the first in a series of telephone conference calls with Labour bloggers. I must admit to being new to this – and slightly intimidated by the medium – so I was pretty nervous, to be honest. However, I personally found it very helpful – so thanks to everyone who participated.Issues covered included whether the right wing had the jump on the left in terms of the use of this technology, how it could be used to help real campaigns in real communities with real people rather than the sort of ‘virtual’ politics which is becoming pervasive within the Westminster village and how we in the party can use blogging in the future.For me, I have decided I need to do shorter contributions, but more personal and more frequent – and that is what I intend to do from here on in – again, thanks to all those who took part and we shall have more of them in the New Year. […]

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