Labour Bloggers Awards

The Daily is very pleased to have won the best newcomer and best blog award on Bloggers4Labour.

OK, so the poll may not have been exactly scientific, but nevertheless, it’s a very nice thought that our readers and peers gave us that support.

As things in the blogging world start to slow down in an alcoholic haze before the Christmas holidays, we start to think of the new year, with new announcements and, hopefully, new exclusive stories.

The results for best blog were:

Candidate Total Votes % Voters
The Daily 122 26.41% 20
Ministry of Truth 94 20.35% 16
British Politics 64 13.85% 8
Never Trust a Hippy 58 12.55% 13
let’s be sensible 32 6.93% 9
Jo Salmon 32 6.93% 8
None of the above 28 6.06% 4
Fisking Central 21 4.55% 7
Snowflake5 11 2.38% 5

While the Best Newcomer voting was:

Candidate Total Votes % Voters
The Daily 163 38.17% 27
British Bull$h!t Foundation 84 19.67% 13
Freemania 79 18.50% 13
Union Futures 40 9.37% 5
Tha London Diaries 36 8.43% 10
Progressive Dilemmas 13 3.04% 4
None of the above 10 2.34% 1
Could have been a contender 2 0.47% 2

5 Responses to Labour Bloggers Awards

  1. Andrea says:


  2. Benjamin says:

    I hope the fact that you have devoted a post to this subject doesn’t actually denote you consider the award of interest or importance! 🙂

  3. If we only blogged of things of interest or importance, this would be a much more empty blog!

  4. HenryG says:

    Well done. Truly deserved.

  5. Scrybe says:

    I screwed mysef over by nominating the Hamers for best new blog. Congratullations on the wins though! 🙂

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