Alan Milburn – Supremo

Going back to a story that we covered some months ago, we look at the new offering from Keeping the Faith. The site had a bit of a going over from the blogs, including from yours truely, for being a barely veiled uber-Blairite attack group on Gordon Brown.

Well they have a second offering for us – the Labour Network. Which promises to be:

…a website for all Labour MP’s, Councilors, Members and Supporters to promote their own Labour websites and blogs online and will also provide some information about Labour Policies, latest Labour headlines, MP profiles and lots more extras too.

A kind of LabourHome or Bloggers4Labour for the shocktroops. There’s a lot in there, which we fully intend to come back to, but we’d like to start by taking a look at the Alan Milburn fan site they’ve built. It’s a bit remeniscent of the Lemon Lyman site in the West Wing, where Josh’s stalkers congregate to obsess about him.

The site says: “Please do NOT use  any of our work, photos and graphics for your own sites or alter them in any way.” It’s almost as if they could see what was coming. We had a think about it, and decided that they probably wouldn’t mind… so, we bring you…

Alan Milburn – Supremo



7 Responses to Alan Milburn – Supremo

  1. “Here at Supremo we are a small but ever expanding group of girls that are supporters of Alan.”

    How many members to they need to get before he’ll agree to pose naked? I think we should be told.

  2. Ian G says:

    Words fail me.

    I notice that the Labour Network is soon to bring us a profile of John Hutton… the excitement really is killing me…

  3. Andrea says:

    He has foreign fans too!

    Actually Milburn’s comment here is quite badly written

  4. HenryG says:

    I’d be more of a fan of Milburn if a) he lived in his constituency rather than in Northumberland and b) he wasn’t a right-wing toe-rag.

    Incidentally Milburn’s 50 mile trip from home to constituency doesn’t compare with Newcastle North MP Doug Henderson. Doug lives in Fife and has to travel 140 miles to meet the people he’s meant to represent, as well as cross a national border. Is that a current record, or can it be beaten by a sitting MP.

  5. TimBob says:

    Going by the images above we are witnessing the metamorphosis of Alan Milburn into The Fast Show’s Swiss Toni. “Letting down Labour supporters is like making love to a beautiful woman…”

  6. Benjamin says:

    Barking stuff

    There are some testimonials on the Labour Network site. such as this from Milburn:

    “It is great to see young people getting involved in politics and
    I have looked a the website and I think it’s great, I wish you well
    with your work, I have looked at the website and I think it’s great.”

    So good he said it twice!

  7. Benjamin says:

    Or this from Cherie:

    “I showed Tony your website which we both thought is fantastic. ”

    Yeah, right.

    “I logged on and was very impressed.” Geoff Hoon.

    Hilarious. Plus pictures of Tony and Geoff with their No. 1 fan.

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