Hain 4: Peter in the sky with diamonds

The Peter Hain interview, published in the Mail at the start of the week, has shocked, amazed and amused us all.  But we think that today’s excerpt is particularly special one.  Here, Peter discusses his drug use:

‘Did you ever take drugs?’ A grey flush subverts Hain’s tan.

‘No, yes, no. I mean, at a party once someone stuffed a spliff into my mouth but I didn’t smoke it. I promise you. I can honestly say I never inhaled!’


16 Responses to Hain 4: Peter in the sky with diamonds

  1. HenryG says:

    We want more.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Surely this is a spoof.

    What’s he on?

  3. HenryG says:

    I love the idea of ‘a grey flush’. The guy’s in danger of becoming a bit of a joke. Not exactly what we want after JP.

  4. We may be persuaded to post all 2,062 words of the interview tomorrow afternoon if people want it in all it’s wonderful glory.

  5. Andrea says:

    It’s becoming entertaining! But please, confirm she hasn’t asked any sex related questions (because with Petronella you never know). I’m not sure I could handle it 😕

  6. Max says:

    If he wants to be the comeback kid in the Deputy Leader race, he may have to consider playing the saxophone on a late-night chatshow – Jonathan Ross or Charlotte Church?

  7. Andrea says:

    Max, please, don’t give suggestions! There’s already Diane Abbott trying to learn to play the piano on a BBC reality show next year…Hain playing the saxophone can be too much!

  8. Sham says:

    Don’t publish it all at once, keep doing it in instalments.

    It’s like a Peter Hain advent calendar – each day contains a new surprise!

  9. This is genuinely wonderful stuff. Hain truly is the gift that keeps on giving. If only his services to socialism matched up to his services to comedy.

    Interestingly yesterday’s Grauniad included a letter from a smattering of luminaries supporting Hilary Benn’s 25th anniversary Benn for Deputy campaign.

    One of those on the list was former Tribune editor Chris Mullin who at the time of the 1994 leadership election was located in the little-known ‘Bennites for Blair’ camp.

    I imagine he has now performed a complete about turn to join ‘Blairites for Benn’.

    Wonderful stuff!

  10. Adele says:

    What on earth is he playing at. What did he do spit it out?

  11. David says:

    It sounded silly when Bill Clinton said it; Hain just sounds plain stupid.

    To me it shows an underprepared candidate who hasn’t bothered to work out answers to the tough questions that he was always likely to get in a paper like the mail.

  12. Dai says:

    At what point in the interview did the realisation come that it wasn’t going well…

    I choose death by beheading over death by 1000 cuts please: full article.

  13. TimBob says:

    This Daily Mail interview, unless a hilarious spoof, shows that Hain’s vanity clearly exceeds his ability. The only serious credible candidates for the deputy post seem to be Benn, Johnson and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Jon Cruddas. Harman and Hain revolt me with their shallow, pointless political existence. A key test to any politician should be ‘would we miss them if they weren’t here?’ I put it to you that Peter and Harriet fail that test.

  14. Hain and Harman are the funniest thing in Britain since The Office ended.

    Lucas, Walliams, and Tate can only dream of possessing their level of comic talent.

    I’m sure I speak for working famililes in working communities everywhere when I demand much, much of more this entertainment. Self-satire seems to be the only area where New Labour is now unequivocally delivering for us all.

  15. Dai says:

    May be worth noting that the BBC Wales’ man in Parliament is reporting that the interview may not exactly be accurately reported, at least on one point: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/wales/6213060.stm

  16. HenryG says:

    But everything else WAS picked up?! Oh dear oh dear.

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