Going, going, gone

Well, it took them a while but the Freedom Association have finally backed down and removed the BNP supporter from their Better Off Out campaign’s membership list.

Readers may remember that this has taken quite an effort. First off, Mark Wallace, the campaign manager, said that they wouldn’t take his name off because: “we are not intended to promote or discriminate against any legal political party.”

They then came up with the wheeze of just pretending that he wasn’t in the BNP by taking the party name off the list.

Finally, the hard right campaign has removed BNP member Giuseppe di Santis’s name from the list. It is certainly welcome that his name has been removed, but frankly it shouldn’t have taken this long for them to do the decent thing.


2 Responses to Going, going, gone

  1. HenryG says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the following have given their ‘full’ titles when signing up to the Better Off Out campaign. In my experience people who list their qualifications and honours tend to be a) weird and b) very, very right wing.

    So how many points in scrabble for the following…

    Dr. Glennis Rogerson PhD ND HD HMD MIFA MIFPA CertEd
    Christopher Gillibrand MA MBA
    Roger Foster OBE FCIOB
    Andrew Constantine MA FCA
    William Bryan MHCIMA
    Councillor Alan S. Wood C.Eng. M.Sc. M.I.Mech.E.
    Dr. Bernard Lamb BSc PhD DSc FIBiol CBiol FRSM
    Professor Patrick Minford CBE PhD
    LtCdr(E)(Dr)Hugh W. Jones RNR (ret’d) VRD
    Vice-Admiral Sir Louis Le Bailly KBE CB DL

    …and the winner is…

    Air Marshal Sir John Baird KBE DL MBChB FRCPE FRCSE FFOM FRAeS DAvMed
    (did he just slump down on the keyboard when filling this in?)

    Collectively they prove to me (or incidentally anyone with a head) that we must be ‘better off in’. But someone please tell this to Labour MP Austin Mitchell. I wonder how he feels to be situated slap above the odious Bob Spink MP?

  2. “As Roger Knapman said this morning on Radio 4 (15.6.06) “If our government can’t make its own laws then it ceases to be a government, by definition.”

    On this basis there’s no point worrying because the government will never be able to pull us out of the EU even if it wants to.

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