Vote Daily!

We’re proud to say that the Daily has been nominated for two of Bloggers4Labour’s blog awards.

Our nominations are for best new blogger and for the overall best blog.

Taking stock of our first six months of blogging, we’re pretty pleased with what we’ve achieved, in particular in scooping the Clare Short resignation from the Labour Party story.

If you like what we’ve been doing, then please vote for us here.


4 Responses to Vote Daily!

  1. As a mark of respect, I have cast a vote in your direction. Excellent site, by the way.

  2. […] Can I just say a big hello to the folks over at the Daily who, despite being one of only two group blogs nominated for Best Blog in B4L’s Blog Awards (which, if you look at the voting system in use doesn’t half confer an advantage over us solo bloggers) as, so far as I know, the only nominee to openly shill for votes. […]

  3. Dai says:

    You got (some of) my votes fo’sho.

  4. Well thanks for your support guys… and thanks for… the ping ministry…

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