Interviews from hell part 2

More from Monday’s Hain interview.  We left off with Peter explaining how he was a bit rebellious but not too much.  In today’s extract, Peter describes his green approach:

‘Part of the life of the Northern Ireland Secretary is that you are driven around in an armour-plated Jag with four protection officers. If I became deputy leader, I don’t know what car I would get but I would have similar protection.’

‘Would it be environmentally friendly?’ I ask.

‘Have you ever seen a “green” armoured car?’ he replies scornfully (somehow, I doubt he gives a Cameroon for the environment). ‘Armoured cars weigh tons.’


One Response to Interviews from hell part 2

  1. HenryG says:

    Please, please print the rest of the interview today. It’s sounds so bad it’s good. I can’t wait until tomorrow for another laugh. Go on, it’s nearly Christmas.

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