When interviews go wrong (part 1)

Today’s Daily Mail (no link) contains an excellent example of why, no matter how desperate a Minister is for publicity, there are some interviews that should be refused. Peter Hain’s interview with Petronella Wyatt should be taught in Spin Doctoring 101 as an example of how not to do it.

The appalling results of the decision to speak to Wyatt are not online (and we hope readers don’t buy the Daily Mail) so The Daily has decided to offer highlights through the week.

Today’s gem comes in response to a question on his use of Hillsborough Castle, the Northern Ireland’s Secretary’s stately home:

‘We all play football in the throne room,’ he boasts.

‘Are you trying to be cool and rebellious?’ I ask censoriously.

‘No,’ he says hastily. ‘We have great respect for the throne room — we were very careful. It was a very small football.’

More of that sort of cutting edge chit-chat same time tomorrow.


2 Responses to When interviews go wrong (part 1)

  1. HenryG says:

    It all sounds very Prescott…

  2. […] (I’d be scared in the unlikely event she asked me for an interview)… Much to the delight of one blogging supporter of one his rivals for the Deputy Prime Minister’s job, he accepted the invitation… […]

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