Goldman Sucks

Tucked away among the celeb gossip of today’s Popbitch, somewhere between Britney’s missing underwear and Eton Rd meets Gareth Gates, are these stats:
* Cleaners at Goldman Sachs, London get paid 5.35 GBP per hour.

* Goldmans has set aside $3.5bn to pay bankers’ bonuses this month.

Goldmans were the winners of the T&G’s Golden Vaccum Award as owners of scrooge-like cleaning firm ISS. Typically cleaners receive no sick pay, no pension, the legal minimum holiday allowance of 12 days a year plus bank holidays, and can earn as little as £5.35 per hour. So some of their employees decided to present them with the gong.

This film shows them presenting the Golden Vacuum award:


7 Responses to Goldman Sucks

  1. Sham says:

    F***ing c***s. Greedy little tossers.

    They make capitalism look bad.

  2. That’s how they become richer. And Blair apologised about slavery.


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