President Blair goes nuclear

Some people talk about Blair being a bit too presidential, but the DTI have just given him a bit of a title bump.

A press release about an upcoming meeting known as the “Franco-British nuclear forum” says that it arises from the: “Franco-British Summit in Paris on 9 June 2006, at which the two Heads of State confirmed their common will to set out their energy policy”.

Here at the Daily, we believe that if Her Majesty wants to be head of state, she should stand in an election, which she would certainly win, however, we would be interested to know how she takes the news that she has a competitor for the ceremonial top spot.


8 Responses to President Blair goes nuclear

  1. I think Sandi Thom made a similar mistake in her uber-bland hit “I wish I was a punk rocker…” She opined that she wished she lived in a time “when the head of state didn’t play guitar.”

    What are they teaching the kids these days? Grumble.

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