Latin America 2006

We’ve been asked to publicise the Latin America 2006 conference, which looks like being a very good event.

It features speakers from the UK and Latin America talking about the changes and struggles around the continent.

Speakers include:

Harold Pinter, playwright, political activist
Aida Avella, of the Patriotic Union party in Colombia, who has faced several assassination attempts.
Cesar Navarro, of the Bolivian MAS party
Wayne Smith, the former US head of interest in Havana.
Tariq Ali
A member of the Venezuelan Parliament
Colin Burgon MP
Barry Camfield, TGWU
Keithe Sonnet, UNISON
Frances O’Grady, TUC.
And a host of other speakers.
Tickets are available to book online here


One Response to Latin America 2006

  1. Dai says:

    Harold Pinter eh? Uh, no thanks – that whole ‘freedom for strong man Milosevic’ thing pushed him into the crazies camp I’d say.

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