Anything you want Harriet

The Indy runs a YouGov poll that puts Harriet Harman in the lead for the deputy leadership contest among ordinary voters. Great news for Harriet – surely. You wouldn’t know it from reading the Indy, but the Metro reveals that the poll was commissioned by the Solicitor General herself.

Suspiciously, the internals, or indeed the question itself, haven’t been released yet.  Daily suspicions are somewhat raised by the line in the Indy report, “voters gave Ms Harman a warm personal rating”, which makes her sound more like a new product being focus grouped. One wonders exactly what the “nearly 2000 voters” were asked.

As soon as (if) the internals and the question become available we will set the stato chimp on it. However, in the meantime, it might be worth taking this poll from AnyThingYouWantGovHarriet with a pinch of salt.


10 Responses to Anything you want Harriet

  1. Scrybe says:

    can you drop by my site and leave a comment when you have the details of the question?

    I find this most peculiar, especially since she had no support whatsoever until my friend started a support group for her (compared with 24 people supporting cruddas and 193 supporting johnson), and even now she only has 2 supporters. so I’m a little sceptical about her coming top in a poll which featured all deputy candidates as options.

    perhaps the poll was conducted by charles clarke, using the same format as his infamous terrorism poll?

  2. Thomas says:

    The Mirror ( says she commissioned it herself too. Strange the Indy doesn’t mention it. Still, it can’t make great reading for Blears. Shows Cruddas needs to do more to get his name recognition up too if he wants to build on his campaign so far.

  3. JM says:

    Calm down, Thomas. it is Labour party members voting in this contest not Harriet Harman’s selected “poll” group. And Labour party emmebrs definitely know who Crudas is. I also can’t wait for Hazel to enter the race prpoerly. Harriet’s campaign? All over.

  4. tyger says:

    Warm Harman?

    Christ. Have they never watched QT?

  5. shakes head in disbelief

    hides under bed and requests wake up call when madness is over

  6. Dave Cole says:

    The question is who paid for the poll – did it come out of HH’s own pocket, or does she have a mystery donor?

  7. HenryG says:

    Mike Smithson at has run a whole thread now on this dubious poll:

    “For the actual numbers do show that 15% of respondents said they were “much more” or a “little more” likely to vote Labour if Gordon Brown was leader and Harriet Harman was deputy.

    But here’s the rub. The Harman spinners conveniently ignored that an equal proportion, 15% – said they would be LESS LIKELY to vote Labour with these two in the job.

    When the Brown-Benn option was put 12% said more likely and 12% less likely. All the other candidates reported negatives when paired with Brown. Hain was 9%-16%; Blears was 8-16%; Johnson 8%-17%; and Cruddas 6-14%.

    So not one of the pairings involving Gordon Brown showed any extra potential support for Labour. The best that could be said was that Benn and Harman would have a neutral affect.”

  8. Let’s hope she hasn’t been taking loans.

  9. Andrea says:

    If she had taken them, I’m sure Jack Dromey would say he hadn’t no clue of her loans

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