Johnson sticks to his guns

One of the most interesting individual battles of Labour’s deputy leadership campaign is set to be the battle for Blairite support between Alan Johnson and Hilary Benn. 

Benn has attacked opponents of the war for tacitly supporting the insurgency.  Johnson is evidently keen not to be out-done: he told today’s Independent that that not only did he back the war but that “in the same circumstances I would vote the same way again”.

Perhaps he should tell it to Margaret Hodge.


5 Responses to Johnson sticks to his guns

  1. Adele says:

    Very good interview with AJ in the indie today. Made me more likely to support him.

  2. Benjamin says:

    “Benn has attacked opponents of the war for tacitly supporting the insurgency.”

    That presumably includes his dad too then. I don’t know, youth of today, no respect…

  3. el Tom says:

    An inside source tells NewerLabour that Johnson strongly opposes any privatisation of the post office. An excellent move.

  4. Tom – does your source go as far as saying that AJ has dropped his support for the plan to have a halfway to privatisation plan with a John Lewis style employee ownership plan? It was wildly unpopular with the CWU, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he has…

  5. HenryG says:

    Employee-ownership isn’t a half-way to privatisation, it’s a form of mutualism which should be welcomed. It’ll give the workforce a stake in their company and should ensure they have more of an incentive to fully push through my copy of Tribune through the letterbox.

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