Enough is Enough: useful idiots for big business

It was with a heavy heart that the Daily saw the Enough is Enough adverts back in the dead tree press.

To reprise, Enough is Enough is a well funded organisation, bankrolled by city bankers, that was set up by Pete Myers (pictured below) lobbying for reform of political parties.
Pete Myers (pictured right)

The group is lead by bankers, who have decided to spend large sums of money on political adverts to stop people like bankers from spending large sums of money on politics.

They seem to be fairly well meaning people, but their proposals to cut political donations would probably actually make things worse.

Their proposals are: limits of £10,000 on donations, donations from private individuals only and state funding for parties.

The upshot of this, of course, would be to cut organised labour out of politics. It would be fine for a host of wealthy individuals to pay into parties, but it would be completely illegal for a group of people to band together in a democratic organisation and have a small part of their subs given to a party collectively.

Not only are Enough is Enough uber-individualists, but they also seem to want the Tories to be by far and away the best funded party. The Tories have a far wider base of wealthy supporters, who could be persuaded to pony up ten grand here or there. With the trade unionists out of the picture, the Labour Party would have to look for even more business donors to keep up with the funding base that Enough is Enough would allow the Tories.

It’s also interesting that they are not willing to undergo the same rigorous declaration of donors that the “cr£p” political parties have to go to. All they will say about their donors is that they are: “funded through voluntary donations by its members”. Very revealing indeed.

These people have passed from being quaint wackos to being the rich and powerful’s useful idiots. The Daily is laying down a challenge to Pete Myers and his secret friends. Why don’t you want members of unions to pay collectively to a party? and why won’t you even reveal who your funders are?


5 Responses to Enough is Enough: useful idiots for big business

  1. thomas says:

    What a bunch of idiots. Trade union money is most democratic there is – individual members have to vote to even allow the principle of funding anything political, and then democratically elected officials get to decide how it is spent. State funding wouldn’t be that democratic. These clowns are doing the Tories’ dirty work for them.

  2. Neil Foster says:

    Excellent report by Professor Keith Ewing for TULO on the impact of the Tories plans for state funding on trade unions:


  3. Martin says:

    These proposals would also prevent co-operative societies from donating, despite being democratic structures. This would affect the Labour Party directly, but principally its sister party, the Co-operative Party, which receives a large amount of its funding from the co-operative movement. This could further deepen the divide between democratic and mutually owned businesses and state machinery, with individuals owning traditional businesses able to continue donating, but not the millions of owners of co-op businesses collectiely.

  4. Nomatter says:

    Capping donations will lead to more organisations like this spending money on “special interests”. Instead of political parties receiving money and campaigning, special interest groups will spend a fortune lobbying individual MPs. This is what happens in the US where there is a cap on donations.

    The only equitable thing to do is cap spending at all times. That way it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can only spend a bit.

  5. Fantastic! People allegedly taking on dodgy politics, who are actually dodgier than most political organisations.

    Let’s be clear, the ‘group of individuals’ thing is fine by me if those individuals are prepared to say who they are. If they’re not, they’re dodgier than both trade union and even big business funding.

    But beyond this – do as I say, not as I do – farce, there’s the wider point in that interest groups are not the font of all evil, they are a reality of a functional society.

    It’s completely fatuous to suggest that we’re going to get a more democratic and transparent political system by just putting on some silly t-shirts, heating up some more quiche and pretending that collective interests in society don’t exist.

    Doing so only serves to promote a Liberal Democrat fetishists wet dream of the pure, unbiased citizen who is guided by an abstract notion of the common good.

    While highly fantastical, it’s a legitimate political position of sorts but it’s no more ‘independent’ than any other political position.

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