How labor delivered for the Democrats

Tula Connell on Kos has a really good piece on the contribution made by organised labour for the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

The union movement made a big difference Nov. 7. We waged a massive GOTV effort, reaching an unprecedented 13.4 million voters in 32 states. Since the beginning of the year, the AFL-CIO union movement has involved 205,000 volunteers who have:

  • Knocked on the doors of 8.25 million union voters
  • Made 30 million phones calls to union voters
  • Mailed 20 million pieces of mail to union homes
  • Distributed 14 million worksite fliers

The result of this was:

While nonunion voters provided a two-point margin of victory for Democratic candidates, union households made it a five-point difference–turning a modest victory into a wave. Union households voted 74 percent to 26 percent for Democratic candidates–and union members made up one in four voters. In key battleground Senate races, union members voted 73 percent to 27 percent for Democrats.

The research showed that :

76 percent of union members who were contacted by their union voted Democrat compared to 61 percent of those who weren’t.

Together with community organisations, unions were at the forefront of campaigns for wage raise ballots. In Arizona 94 percent of union members supported wage raises. The Daily has already reported on the importance of those ballots in mobilising Democratic voters.

Turnout was higher among unionised casual voters following the AFL-CIO’s focus on them.

Working America, the unions’ community affiliate, has 1.5 million new members. 80 percent of those who didn’t vote in 2002 voted this time around. They voted 80 percent Democrat.

There’s lots of info in her piece. It’s really worth looking through.


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