Food for thought

Noel Gallagher on politics:

“Well, I think that Britain is a better place than it was before the Labour party took over. Personally, I’d have loved Neil Kinnock to get in. He was gonna rip Margaret Thatcher’s head off and shit down her neck. Then Tony Blair came along and it was like: ‘Ah, he’s gonna outsmart all of these public schoolboy cunts.’ But we all got carried away in 97. Once the veneer wore off – even taking the Iraq debacle out of the equation – we’ve all just given a massive shrug. I think the Labour party’s crowning achievement is the death of politics. There’s nothing left to vote for.”


4 Responses to Food for thought

  1. Ian G says:

    Can’t argue with the gov’ner!

  2. Benjamin says:

    It’s a great comment, amusing with the ring of truth. He was always the cleverer one!

    (Not that I entirely agree that there is nothing left to vote for, but I can understand his point. Corporate politics, the mushy middle.)

  3. Voting does mean less when you’re very rich and no party is threatening to take your wealth away.

    If Noel was surviving on tax credits, he might see the point of voting.

    I agree, though, that it’s not a bad broad analysis.

  4. tyger says:

    Maybe he should concentrate on knocking out a decent record? He hasn’t managed that in over ten years.

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