Dems take House, Senate in the balance

The Daily’s team is about to go to sleep, but in the unlikely event that you we are your first port of call for breaking US election news, it now seems certain that the Democrats are set to take the House by a comfortable, if not crushing, margin. Though there are still a couple of Democratic House seats under threat in Georgia, they should hang on and seem set for further gains.

There are a number of extremely tight results, not least the loss of disgraced internet predator Mark Foley’s previously rock solid Republican district in Florida by less than one percent, but we were pleased to see Curt Weldon crushingly defeated in his also previously safe Pennsylvanian seat.

Things are harder to judge in the Senate.  Racist scandal plagued Virginia Senator George Allen looked set to hang on by the slimmest of margins all night, until the last ballot boxes came in from solid Democratic areas and tipped the balance. 99% of votes have been counted and the Dems have a lead of a few thousand with the last districts still to report in heavily blue counties.  Either way, the loser has a right to a recount when the majority is under 1% so it might not be the end of the story. Updates here.

To take the Senate, the Dems would also need to finish off Conrad Burns in Montana and take Missouri.  The Republican incumbent is currently 3% ahead in the latter race with nearly 70% of votes tallied, so it will be tough. 

For any insomniac political junkies are out there, the best news website for incoming results is CNN. Fingers crossed for the Dems, and we’ll be back in the morning afternoon.


2 Responses to Dems take House, Senate in the balance

  1. Derren says:

    Victory in the House but not the Senate flags up Nancy Pelosi’s role in this campaign, despite Rahm Emanuel pulling for Harry Reid at the victory party a little while ago. America has just chose to make her second-in-line to the Presidency, so could Pelosi be the candidate liberal Democrats have been looking for to challenge Hilary and the conservative wing of the party in 2008?

  2. sosialydd says:

    The funny thing about Pennsylvania is that, despite the general slaughter inflicted upon the GOP there, Gerlach seems to have held on. He seems to be utterly immune to national swings in any direction…

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