Blears motors up betting ranks

Hazel Blears’ entry – apparently – into the Deputy Leader election has shaken up the betting odds again.  William Hill have rejigged their prices, with Blears tumbling from 50/1 to 7/1 pretty much over night.  Said the excited Will Hills spokesman:

“For a couple of hours this morning it was carnage on the trading floor with punters piling on the 50/1. Ms Blears has been backed down to less than a fifth of the price she was twenty four hours ago and we are monitoring the situation very carefully”.

Blears’ rocket up the price list to 5th favourite has masked Jon Cruddas’ sneaky move into 2nd favourite at 9/2 – behind Benn’s 7/2.  From a starting point of 125/1, he has pushed past Johnson, Reid, Hain and Harman to get into second.  Not bad going – especially if you got money down at the start!


13 Responses to Blears motors up betting ranks

  1. HenryG says:

    I guess the question is can Blears pull in the support of any unions? Usdaw perhaps. Can’t think of any others that would put their name to her.

  2. Jo Malik says:

    Indeed! I am not a betting gal but I really wish I’d put that money on Cruddas in September!!!!

  3. Dave Hill says:

    Is Cruddas really that well fancied? Encouraging! If he doesn’t get the job then maybe his distinctive case for what the position ought to entail will secure him some newly-created position. Double deputies? Why not?

  4. Cruddas could be Party Chair. There will be a vacancy when Hazel wins Deputy.

  5. Ian G says:

    Luke, Party Chair means nothing without a democratic mandate. It should never have been allowed to be a position in the gift of the leader.

  6. HenryG says:

    Luke, similarly Blears can be DPM when Cruddas wins the Deputy Leadership!

  7. steve says:

    HenryG, isn’t Peter Wheeler (Amicus) Hazel’s agent in Salford? Wouldn’t bet against a few Unions backing Blears, Usdaw especially.

  8. HenryG says:

    I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that Amicus will not back Hazel Blears. I’ve noticed that on his blog Peter Wheeler thinks highly of Jon Cruddas and says he is:

    “…a stand up guy, great Labour MP and making a good contribution to the debate. We need more like him.”

    I think Hazel Blears is Harriet Harman’s nightmare just as Hilary Benn is bad news for Peter Hain’s campaign.

  9. Henry, on what basis do you know that Amicus wouldn’t back Blears? Do you have some special insight into the opinions of the Amicus National Political Committee or the Amicus National Executive?

  10. We don’t know what Henry knows, but Mike Smithson over at seems so convinced that Amicus and a bunch of other unions will back Cruddas that he has put his money where his mouth is. He’s not always right, but he rarely wastes his cash.

  11. Andrea says:

    yes, Steve, he was her agent at the last GE.

  12. HenryG says:

    Luke, yes to both.

  13. Matt says:

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