Hoon do you think you are?

The Times has one of the most amusing stories The Daily has ever seen.  Apparently, Geoff Hoon got a right royal ticking off from Margeret Beckett at the FCO pre-meeting for Question Time on Monday.  Beckett is said to have told Hoon he would not be answering any questions on Europe.  After arguing about the fairness or otherwise of that, he was told “I am the Foreign Secretary and that’s it”. He then replied, “Margaret, you can’t stop me from coming to Foreign Office Questions.” She is said to have replied: “Well, I can’t physically stop you.” 

The Daily isn’t a big fan of boxing, but Margeret – we think you could physically stop him.

As an aside, an impeccable source informs us that Hoon, still smarting at his demotion from Secretary of State grade, insisted on the name plate of his new ministerial door saying, “Geoff Hoon, Minister for Europe (entitled to attend Cabinet)”.  Amazing.


8 Responses to Hoon do you think you are?

  1. Nick says:

    Faintly reminiscent of Heseltine’s insistence on civil servants calling him “Mr President” when he was President of the Board of Trade.

  2. Ian G says:

    It would certainly be funny if civil servants started to say “Yes Minister Entitled to Attend the Cabinet”

  3. el tom says:

    Excellent pun. Best traditoins of journalism.

    Mike Joslin refused to disclose your identity. he deserves rewards.

  4. tyger says:

    I’d pay good money to see that fight.

    Beckett is a lightweight though… 😉

  5. Benjamin says:

    Well, that name plate thing is obviously a joke. Surely.

  6. Paul Linford says:

    Agree this is extremely funny but I don’t really understand why a sharp operator like Beckett feels so threatened by someone as poliitcally ineffectual as Hoon.

  7. Apparently, it isn’t that she feels threatened, she just thinks he is a muppet. Old fashioned dislike, rather than anything more sinister.

  8. Gareth says:

    Hoon is crap, as the following illustrates

    Guardian July 23 (Not long after David Kelly Died)

    Concern mounts for our cerebral defence secretary. If Geoff Buff-Hoon’s decision to spend Sunday at the British grand prix was evidence that he’s buckling under the pressure, this was not his only odd appearance of the weekend. A reader relates an eccentric Q&A session at a Young Labour weekend near Lincoln on Saturday. When Geoff bafflingly claimed never to have heard “a single credible argument” against the US “son of star wars” national missile defence plan, one Nick Parrott was swift to set him straight. “Oh,” sneered Geoff, “you’re a scientist, are you?” No, replied Nick, and nor are you. “But I have scientific advisers…” Oh dear. As the room cringed at this maladroit reference, Geoff went on to laud the NMD programme, ridiculing the notion that any US government would ever act in an aggressive, unilateral way. And then, having snarled: “You just remind me of Jeremy Corbyn,” he apologised if he seemed ill-tempered. “But this just reminds me of having to listen to questions from Labour MPs in the Commons.” A burden from which Geoff, it seems certain, will soon be liberated

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