Poll puts Democrats way ahead among independent voters

The Washington Post carries the news that independent voters are now favouring the Democratic Party by a margin of two to one.

59 percent of independents said that they planned to vote for Democrats, versus 31 percent for the GOP. It also found that 95 percent of Democratic supporters plan to vote for their party versus 88 percent for the Republicans.

Iraq is the most cited issue that voters cite when making up their mind, with 76 percent of those who mention the issue of Iraq siding with the Democrats.

Some other interesting stats from the tables:

Enthusiasm for the parties among their voters seems pretty even with 38 percent of Dems very and 40 fairly enthusiastic about their party compared to 39 and 41 percent among Republicans.

A far higher proportion of Democratic voters say they are voting against the Republican candidate (43 percent), than Republicans who are voting against the Democrat (25 percent).

The issues ranked by importance by registered voters were: Iraq (27%), Economy (19%), terrorism (14%), healthcare (13%), immigration (10%) and ethics in government (8%).

65 percent disapprove of the way that the House is doing its job, with 31 percent approving – only 5 percent strongly (compared to only 43% disapproving and 51% approving in the run-up to the ’02 mid-terms). However, caution is important on this stat as only 32 percent disapprove of the job their Representative is doing, although 48 percent of voters say that their vote will be to express either support (17%) or opposition (31%) to Bush. Clinton was never such a factor during his eight years as president.

 Lastly (although there is more good stuff in the poll) the Democrats now lead the Republicans on public perception of their ability to handle: The situation in Iraq (48%/40%); The economy (50%/41%); Ethics in government (48%/35 %), and; The situation with North Korea (47%/40%). They are pretty much tied with the GOP on “The U.S. campaign against terrorism” (44%/43%).


One Response to Poll puts Democrats way ahead among independent voters

  1. Nick says:

    Anyone up for a mid-term election night party? We just need a place we can occupy overnight with a fridge, a sofa and cable or satellite TV and we’re away.

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