A question for the Treasury to work out

It costs the taxpayer, on average, £322 to answer a parliamentary question. It is with that in mind that we turn to a question put down by Mark Hoban– Tory MP for Fareham.

Gym Facilities (HM Treasury)

Mr. Hoban: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether HM Treasury has a gym. [94463]

John Healey:The Treasury has a gym which is run by a private company, Energy Fitness Professionals. Membership is available on a fee-paying basis to Treasury and HMRC staff who are co-located in the Horse Guards Road/Parliament Street building.

The first thing that springs to mind is that he could probably just have called HM Treasury on 020 7270 4558 and asked them – they would, undoubtedly have been happy to answer, and I’m sure that taxpayers would have been far more happy to pay the 5p for a call.

However, one wonders whether it is inspired by the regular sight that this correspondent, and doubtless others, endured of the Chancellor in another private Westminster gym, wearing his brightly coloured swimming shorts, taking a morning swim.

Either way,  surely Mark should be paying the Treasury for the cost of asking such a pointless question.


One Response to A question for the Treasury to work out

  1. Bob Piper says:

    You should read some of the self indulgent irrelevant crap asked by John Hemming. If only the people of Yardley knew how much of their money was wasted answering his nerdy questions…

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