Jon Cruddas launches website

In conjunction with his campaign launch tonight, Jon Cruddas’ website has just gone live. The Daily has taken a quick look round and was quite impressed, though it is obviously early days yet.

Supporters can sign up here and donate here.


25 Responses to Jon Cruddas launches website

  1. Ian G says:

    I’ve just got back from Dagenham, and I can tell you that it was a very good campaign launch. Clearly Jon inspires a huge amount of affection amongst his local party and local trade unions, because he in turn shows them the respect they deserve. You often feel that that kind of respect is lacking in communication from the centre at the moment.

  2. sosialydd says:

    Looks pretty good

  3. Nick says:

    I like the look and feel of it, and I like what he says. It’s also very interesting to hear Ian G’s description from the constituency – that’s how I always think you can really judge an MP, not on anything within the Westminster bubble.

  4. Andrea says:

    Is it already down?!

  5. tyger says:

    Who does Cruddas support for the No1 job?

  6. Andrea says:

    ok…it seems it works again now

    tyger…I think he hasn’t openly backed someone yet

  7. Andrea says:

    The Guardian has an interesting paragraph about Cruddas:
    “He has the support of seven union general secretaries and pledges of up to £125,000 in campaign finance, plus access to union databases of more than a million party members, which could prove invaluable organisationally”

  8. Anna says:

    “As it stands, the Party is not ready to fight the next general election. We have lost over half of our members since 1997. Change needs to happen across the board – we need a new agenda for involving activists. We need to start being more open when we make policies. We need to reconnect local Labour parties with local trade union branches. And most importantly, we need get the party back involved in local communities, campaigning with local people on the issues that matter.”

    Cruddas is so right! I hope he comes to Manchester sometime soon.

  9. Thomas says:

    Tyger – I was at the launch last night and one of the speakers said he wouldn’t back Brown, one said they would and Jon didn’t express an opinion. Speaking to other people there, it seems Cruddas doesn’t actually want to endorse anyone at all, he seems to just want to steer clear. That’s why they launched in Dagenham instead of Westminster. Speaking of which – all political events should be in the bar of a local football club – there were no dodgy canapes to be seen, and no warm white wine. Brilliant!

  10. HenryG says:

    Andrea, can you provide a link to the Guardian article you mention? It must be old age, but I can’t find it online.

    Thanks. HG.

  11. Andrea says:

    HenryG…it wasn’t in today’s edition…it was in Sunday’s Observer. I didn’t notice it because, well, it was in a piece about Iraq/Afghanistan:,,1922989,00.html#article_continue
    (towards the end)

  12. HenryG says:

    Thanks Andrea.

    On the leadership, I think Brown and Cruddas would make a very, very good team.

  13. fredrik says:

    Jon Cruddas seems to have some good ideas on how to revitalize the Labour Party. It was a good launch last night. Politics works very well in venues that are more associated with beer and football. And it turns out that the Labour Party actually has members who’re not working in politics. Who knew?

    /Swedish Political Tourist

  14. Ian G says:

    I think Jon is extremely sensible to not get drawn on who should be leader. I don’t think the party will be impressed with deputy leadership candidates falling over themselves to say how wonderful Brown is.

    Jon need say no more than he’ll accept and work constructively with the party’s democratic choice, whoever that might be.

    Must echo Thomas’s thoughts about launching the campaign in a football club bar! It’s time for traditional values in a traditional setting…

  15. The campaign looks very good so far. Keep up the good work!

    I have written a piece on my blog on how Jon Cruddas can be what the UK needs to avoid the Swedish situation, where a “renewed” Conservative Party succeeded to beat a tired and visionless Social Democratic Party. Read more at

  16. tyger says:


    Thanks for that. tygerland is tempted to come out for Cruddas, but maybe not if it conflicts with its “anyone but Brown” editorial stance.

  17. Nick says:

    Well, currently all the other deputy leadership candidates have made it extremely clear that they will definitely be backing Brown.

    I don’t think you’ll get anyone who backs an “anyone but Brown” stance (unless the J4L campaign try a doomed deputy bid, but that would get nowhere) so I think a “I’ll be happy with whoever is elected” stance is the best you’ll get IMHO.

  18. An ‘anyone but Brown’ stance would be pretty ridiculous given that Brown’s the only candidate who’s close to certain to actually be in the contest (by the time it reaches a vote).

    If you want Cruddas to be a serious candidate for deputy, he has to be allowed to take serious positions on what’s actually likely to happen (whether or not it would be his personal choice) so that he can actually work positively with the new leader.

  19. tyger says:

    How is it “ridiculous”?

    I happen to think Brown is an able and decent politician, however I also think that it’s certain that he would be turned inside out in a general election. He has also shown personal traits that are not very suitable for the top job.

    He wold be a distant and disengaged PM, and we would lose the election.

    I hope I’m wrong,

  20. Nick says:

    I think he meant it would be ridiculous for a deputy leadership candidate to adopt that stance, rather than ridiculous for you, Tyger!

  21. HenryG says:

    Tyger, who would you back for leadership as a matter of interest? I’m supporting Brown, but appreciate there is a body of thought that wants someone else though there is no consensus on who.

  22. Yeah, as Nick suggests, I’m not saying it’s ridiculous for people not to support Brown for the leadership.

    I don’t particularly support him myself.

    My point was that for Jon Cruddas, who’s running for the deputy leadership, it would be pretty ridiculous for him to actively burn bridges with the person who’s currently most likely to be the leader.

  23. tyger says:

    Understood Bobble. 🙂

  24. HenryG says:

    Mike Smithson, editor of the increasingly influential has this morning written that he has ‘put as much as the bookmakers would allow me on Jon Cruddas for the Deputy’s job. You can still get 8/1. Take it. ‘

    I’m certain that price won’t last too much longer (particularly when the big hitters on the site read it) so if you want a bit of the price while it lasts, now is the time.

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