Sweden: another one bites the dust

Sweden’s Tory government has been in office for less than a fortnight, but it suffered its second sleaze resignation this morning.  As reported by The Daily, Cecilia Stegö Chilò has been under pressure for refusing to pay her TV license – despite now being in charge of the body which oversees the state broadcaster.  After a week of trying to bat away the pressure, she caved in this morning and resigned.  Her statement is here

The Swedish left is now after a record breaking hat trick of scalps in the shape of Tobias Billström – the other minister reported to the police for tax evasion.  He also refused to pay his license, saying he doesn’t like SVT’s programmes.

It comes on the day that the Swedish Tories launch their first budget, cutting taxes for the rich and increasing funding for the Swedish army.  Elected as the New Moderates, governing as the New Moderates?

The Social Democrats must be enjoying being in opposition…!


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