Sunday papers in review

Not the briskest of news days today, but there is enough there to get you through breakfast.

The Observer reports on an interesting report from the IMF which says that flat taxes have failed in the countries that have introduced them, and will probably be abandoned.  Bit of a kick in the teeth for all those Tories who have been pushing this idea for Britain.

The Tories have clearly been rattled by Jack Straw’s attempt to outflank them on the hard-right, so have rolled out David Davis to try and claw some land back.  The Telegraph reports that Davis will accuse Muslims of creating “apartheid” in Britain. 

In the same article, David Blunkett (£400,000 richer from slagging off the party that gave him everything) says that politicians, “should not go out of our way to avoid saying things that we want to say because we might actually cause a rumpus”.  He is right of course.  But they should avoid saying things that are utter bollocks.

The Times has an interesting story on Lord Wedderburn.  A member of the Party since 1946, and a Labour peer for 30 years, Wedderburn has resigned the whip in the Lords over cash-for-honours and the general direction of the government.  It is hardly earth-shattering stuff, but it is another sign that Blair’s authority – and time in office – is almost done.

Talking of corruption, the Telegraph thinks it knows where the cash for honours investigation is going – a “senior source” has told the paper that Labour officials could be charged under the Theft Act for false accounting.

The Sunday Mirror carries a story on a new IPPR report which calls for the chemical castration of sex criminals.  It’s a tough policy, so the IPPR have softened it by saying that a Scandinavian country already does it.  If the Nordics do it, it can’t be too bad.

Scotland on Sunday report rumours of a truce between Brown and Reid, with Reid backing Brown for the leadership in exchange for Reid keeping senior office. Only a few days behind the internet there, then.

As per usual, there isn’t anything worth reading in the Independent.


6 Responses to Sunday papers in review

  1. Andrea says:

    You’re a bit too hard with the Indy…but, well, today’s edition doesn’t seem to have anything really interesting. So you’ve a point.

    The Observer has an interesting piece about a fight between Johnson and Kelly/Blair about the implementation of the Equality Bill

    The Mail of Sunday seems to be having a slow day news if they think that the sex life of Ivan Lewis MP is somehow interesting. The piece about Dawn Butler is more interesting in relation to some Tory views.

  2. We may return to the Equality Bill later, though I think that it’s been covered by both Cllr Bob Piper and Antonia Bance today.

    Interesting story about Dawn Butler and David Heathcoat-Amory. Whether race came in to it or not, I suspect that class did. There are many Tory MPs who treat the Commons like a gentlemen’s club and are outraged to find staff – or, even worse, the citizenry – in “their” building.

    Unfortunately, this attitude is largely shared by the senior staff of the House, though evidently they do not show sufficient contempt and disgust for the lower orders to satisfy Heathcoat-Amory’s high standards of class hatred.

  3. Andrea says:

    thanks for the link to Councillors Bob Piper and Antonia Bance’s views on this issue…I agree with them and I hope backbencher MPs will make their voice heard.

  4. Dan Ashton says:

    The Independent is an exciting newspaper with a bold editorial line! If you only read the front page, that is.

    It’s a shame that discussing the benefits of switching to a more rehabilitative approach to sentencing was lost beneath the whole “chop their bollocks off” idea. Can you read the actual report online? I’d be curious to see where the emphasis was placed.

  5. Nothing about this (yet) on the IPPR website, though the Danish example is alluded to in an old Newsnight report by Nick Pearce.

    I think it’s fair to say that even the Indy’s front pages are of variable quality.

  6. The’re also a good piece from Fair Deal Phil following up the Sunday Times story on secret Tory donors’ club the Midlands Industrial Council:

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