Scrapping on Tory TV

As promised, The Daily unchained one of our monkeys from their typewriter last night in order to turn them loose on Tory TV, with mixed results.  You can see the programme “Your Money” here.

Aside from the chaotic nature of the whole thing – people walking in front of camera, poor sound, and a set stolen from Crossroads – our chimp in enemy territory found it an unnerving experience. 

When the debate is so skewed to the right, its very hard to drag it back to normal politics.  It is like the left and the right are talking a different language sometimes.

Either way, although Tory TV is a good thing for the hard right, it hardly shows them at their strength.  If the right controlled the commanding heights of our country, they wouldn’t need to set up their own propaganda channels to allow them the oxygen of publicity.

The Daily has been invited to send a fraternal delegate to a Tory TV show again soon – what do readers think?  Shall we raise the red standard in the heart of enemy territory, or are we giving those Tories credibility by providing token lefties?


4 Responses to Scrapping on Tory TV

  1. Cassilis says:

    They’ll only be ‘token lefties’ if they choose to present themselves as such. I haven’t caught much of Doughty Street but they don’t appear to be Fox News just yet. You should stay engaged….

  2. Not really Cassilis. I think the simian did a great job, but he was clearly there to stop it from being a complete Tory love-fest. There are a lot of usual suspect involved.

  3. Keeper4Light says:

    As an ‘ordinary’ person and not politico I saw the intros and switched off! So, young boys who have worked together pat themselves on the back. Does that give them legitimacy to the likes of me? No!!! And not even a token woman! Wake up boys – world is not just your oyster.

    So, next time, send in a token woman if you must have tokens at all!

  4. Gregg says:

    It seems to want me to install something. YouTube never asks me to do that. YouTube is therefore demonstrably better than Tories.

    Incidentally, I’m fairly sure the right still do, utterly, control the commanding heights of our country. The point is that those commanding heights are no longer as important as they used to be, and the right desperately needs to get a foothold in new media.

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