Lib Dems – from sandals to Strangelove

A few blogs picked up this story from the Halifax Courier reporting that the Lib Dems on Calderdale Council were considering an approach to the BNP to help take the council.

We want to make quite clear that this has now been firmly denied by the Leader of Calderdale Lib Dems, Cllr Patrick Philips, and as we have no desire to receive any hand-delivered correspondence from the Cowley Street lawyers we also want to make clear that we can well believe it was just the local press up to their tricks. 

Nonetheless, it does give us a great excuse to publish this photo of him in all his sartorial glory.

You’d never guess he was a Liberal Democrat, would you?

Meanwhile our Manchester correspondent reports on this story about a Lib Dem councillor in Manchester allegedly performing a Nazi salute at a Labour councillor across the chamber.

The Lib Dems claim that he was simply raising his hand to speak next, but our source insists that he placed his left hand over his upper lip and sieg-heiled with his right arm, Basil Fawlty style. 

The Daily can’t help but wonder if, like Dr Strangelove, his arm has a life of its own and keeps wanting to salute at inappropriate moments like during full council.

Presumably the gesture, if it happened, was intended to indicate that the Labour benches were Nazis rather than any fascistic inclinations of his own. But it would have been fairly offensive by any standard.

The episode ended with the Lib Dems staging a walk-out – except John Leech MP, who has kept his councillor’s allowance just in case he isn’t Manchester Withington’s MP for long and has to go back to his former employer, well known progressive organisation McDonald’s.

John Leech MP

Now what are the chances of this photo of John Leech ever appearing in any opposition leaflets? Lucky there isn’t a by-election campaign on. Oh, hang on


One Response to Lib Dems – from sandals to Strangelove

  1. How can local or national politics ever be a success, that is how can it work for the people when it seems from your blog, and MANY others, that the primary focus is bashing the competition?

    When will activists learn that this incessant nonsense only serves to nullify the effect that the decent speeches, policies and actions have?

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