Tory supported campaign tries to hide BNP member

The Freedom Association’s Better off Out campaign now appears to be hiding the BNP member on their supporters’ list.

The campaign, which is supported by seven Tory MPs and MEPs as well as a number of Tory and UKIP councillors, courted controversyas its manager Mark Wallace, refused to remove the BNP supporter from their list as they were “non-party”.

The supporter in question, Giuseppe de Santis, was quickly shunted to a ‘b’ list of other “miscellaneous” supporters, but they have now removed his title as a British National Party member but left his name on the list.

It would appear that the Freedom Association and their backers care more about spin and deception than about dealing with the extreme-right. It is not good enough to hide away BNP support, it must be rejected. Those who are backing the campaign should think carefully about whether they feel comfortable sharing a platform with the BNP.


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