Sen. Allen in new hot water over options

Everyone’s favourite Senator George Allen, who is running for re-election in Virginia, is in yet more hot water. Some might have thought that using the racial slur “macaca” against his opponent’s cameraman was enough. Allegations that he used the “n-word” and had a noose and confederate flag in his office are another…

But now he’s managed to take things further with a financial scandal. When he stepped down from a previous job on the board of Virginia-based Xybernaut Corp, he was given options on 11,000 company shares but failed to declare them.

His defence was that they were worthless anyway – although that’s still breaking the rules – but even that dodgy defence has now fallen apart as it’s transpired that they actually were worth $1.1m at one point while he was in the Senate. Small change to the GOP perhaps, but not to the average citizen of Virginia.

Despite all of this, the race is still fairly tight. A Recent poll has given Allen a 3 point lead over Democratic challenger Jim Webb among likely voters, with a more healthy 6 point lead among all eligible voters. That poll was carried out before this latest scandal really hit, but it’s just amazing how much of a battering Allen can take before he goes down.


One Response to Sen. Allen in new hot water over options

  1. sosialydd says:

    Ah, but before the slur he had a landslide lead

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