Into enemy territory

There has been a bit of a buzz around the blogosphere this week about 18 Doughty Street.  This is a new internet TV station that, as a number of Labour blogs have quickly and rightly pointed out, has been set up by a load of Tories.  It’s like Fox News but not in America, and on a website, not on the TV.

Being a bit of an old fashioned bunch, we’re not really into this new media stuff, and we were minded to ignore the whole thing.  However, one of our army of trained chimps has been invited on to be the token lefty talking head, so we’re now going to shamelessly plug it instead. 

Watch out for our monkey, who will be specially unchained from his typewriter for the evening, on “Your Money” tomorrow night at 8.30.  He’s going on to tell three nasty right-wing types why tax and spend is good.  Could be fun.


One Response to Into enemy territory

  1. Benjamin says:

    I may be wrong, but I think the venture is a bit of semi-official Cameronite astroturfing. At the Tory conferrence much was made of the more open debates and dissent. But is this a passing tactic or cultural change? Conservatives are less likely to openly push a hard Tory party political line – witness webcameron – but the aim is to gradualy frame the debate through various “independent” ventures.

    I suspect that, at any rate, 18 Doughty Street will become more clearly partisan relatively quickly, especially closer to elections.

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