Paddy Power open deputy leadership market

Paddy Power have now joined William Hill in offering an online market for betting on Labour’s deputy leadership race.

You can pick up Jon Cruddas at 16s but otherwise Will Hill looks better value on the whole, or you can place phone bets with Ladbrokes – odds from last time we checked here. is calling for a Betfair market on the deputy leadership and you can email them at if you want to add your name to the clamour.


4 Responses to Paddy Power open deputy leadership market

  1. Matthew says:

    I like the way that they have spelt the names of Margaret Beckett , David Blunkett and Jon Cruddas’ names wrong – inspires confidence in the odds doesn’t it!

    Also – whoever is front runner – and it is really unclear who is going to win this one – 2/1 for Peter Hain is the most disgraceful offer I have ever seen. I wouldn’t take less than 100/1 on him. He’s not even going to get the 44 MPs…

  2. I agree that the outcome of this one is very unclear at this stage, but it would be an astounding fall from grace if Hain doesn’t even get the 44 MPs, given just how long he’s been working at it.

    He is massively overrated at 2-1 though. We have to heavily advise against backing him at that price or anything like it.

  3. HenryG says:

    I’ll have ten pence on Hain at your 100/1. No more though.

  4. Nick says:

    Hain’s made the early running but I reckon he’s peaked too soon. You don’t necessarily want to be first off the blocks in this kind of race and, unlike Brown in the leadership, he’s not strong enough to put anyone else off, just strong enough to encourage them to get out there campaigning to stop him.

    Johnson is the obvious choice for bookies’ favourite at the moment, but his dithering over the leadership isn’t that clever. If he doesn’t decide soon, he’s going to find himself increasingly behind the game.

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