Peter Wheeler blogs

We’re happy to welcome recently re-elected NEC member Peter Wheeler to the Labour blogosphere this morning. Wheeler is an old-style trade union fixer in the best traditions of the old AEEU trade union, now merged in to Amicus.

Though we do not come from his wing of labour movement politics at The Daily, he is one of the most active and responsive NEC members and has a good record of sticking up for both trade union and party members’ issues.

If his blog gives us a bit of an inside track then it will complement Ann Black‘s excellent service reporting to members. Even if it just sticks to the official lines, then it’s still a valuable way to provide feedback, and The Daily will be letting Peter know our feelings on Party Conference’s blogging facilities for a start.


3 Responses to Peter Wheeler blogs

  1. Matthew says:

    Excellent news – despite not sharing that many of Peter’s views, he got my vote for the NEC because he gets ths basics of the union link, supporting the party on the ground etc – unlike too many of the NEC types that put themselves forward.

    Shame he has gone for the grey writing on black background blogger style though – does my eyes in reading that!

  2. Neil Foster says:

    When it comes down to trusting people on the NEC to take the right decisions in the interests of the party and the wider movement, I’d say Wheeler is up there with Ann Black.

  3. Adele says:

    Helloo Peter. We do love you dearly and are glad you have started a blog!

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