Sunday papers in review: STOP PRESS


The Independent has a good story.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is true – it has an excellent interview with Alistair Campbell.  He has done the piece to mark World Mental Health Day, and he speaks candidly about his depression while in Downing St.  Whatever you think of Campbell, it’s a good read.

All of the papers cover the row over Jack Straw’s comments about Muslim women.  His deputy, Nigel Griffiths MP, has added fuel to the fire by labelling Muslim women who wear the veil “selfish”.  He goes on: “It’s all very well for Muslim women to say that they feel comfortable wearing the veil but it is important that other people feel comfortable, too.”  Other Government ministers have joined the debate.  Phil Woolas pointedly says he doesn’t think Muslim women wearing a veil are selfish, while Ruth Kelly says she has changed her mind on the veil: “‘We have to respect legitimate religious views”.

There is no link for this one, but the News of the World has a hilarious piece “revealing” a “secret” Tory memo which says that the Cameronistas are more worried by a Reid-led Labour Party than they are by Brown-led party.  How amusing that spinners think they can still put out rubbish like this.  All the more amusing is that papers still write it up.

The Sunday Times has an excellent piece on how executive pay at the top of public sector bodies is out of control.  The most senior directors received pay increases of 7.4% on average over the last year – coinciding with the Chancellor’s demand that low paid civil servants keep their increases below 2% to help fight inflation.

Lastly, and I know this isn’t from a Sunday paper you can buy in your local newsagents, but the New York Times has an excellent piece on how the US unions are leading the charge to win back Congress for the Democrats.  The Democrats are beginning to remember just how important the unions are to winning elections in the States – it is time that the leadership of Labour in the UK started remembering how crucial our unions are too.


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