The fall of a moral superpower

Over the last few decades Sweden has attempted to project itself onto the world stage by being a “moral superpower” – in the words, I think, of Olaf Palme.  By its own image and example, Sweden could present a social democratic alternative to the dictatorship and rampant capitalism of both blocs.

Now Sweden has a new cabinet, and who should front Sweden’s example to the world?  Step forward Carl Bildt.  As a member of the board of Lundin Oil, Bildt will have seen first hand what it means for the world to fail in its moral responsibilities.  During his time as a board member of that company, Lundin employed child soldiers to guard its depots, supported the Sudanese government in their abuse of human rights, and was accused of complicity in the slave trade.

Well done Sweden – the country of the New Caring Sharing Moderate Tories – you are an example to us all.


5 Responses to The fall of a moral superpower

  1. sosialydd says:

    So they’ve brought back Carl Bildt have they? Wrong on so many levels… oh well, at least this is the first indication of them losing next time round…

  2. Let’s hope that the reality behind the cuddly, smiley new Tories is soon revealed – both in Sweden and closer to home…

  3. sosialydd says:

    Interestingly enough, the Social Democrats actually did better in the local elections than the general election (both were held on the same day), which would seem to indicate that the Left’s narrow defeat had more to do with the unpopularity of the government, rather than the party.

  4. fredrik says:

    One reason that we did better in local elections has to do with the fact that anyone that’s lived in Sweden for three years can vote in these elections. The left is stronger than the right among imigrants.

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