Spring Conference: the full story

The Daily can now answer some of the questions and speculation on how Glasgow Spring Conference 2007 came to be cancelled.

The principle of whether spring conferences should continue was discussed at September’s NEC meeting and there was broad agreement that given the lack of tangible business at spring conferences – and, yes, the financial implications both for the Party nationally and for CLPs – the practice could be discontinued in favour of more local events.

No decision was made about 2007, however, because the costs of cancelling bookings for the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, as well as associated hotels and other costs, had not been assessed.

So, the answer is a slightly grey area – the NEC agreed the principle about spring conferences, but the decision about Glasgow was made by senior staff once they had dusted off Victoria Street’s abacus and done their sums.

Of course, some will no doubt wonder who tabled the proposal in the first place, but overall the decision was probably sensible on financial grounds, if the conference wasn’t going to be part of the elections timetable anyway.

A decision on when and where (and possibly if) the Young Labour Conference due next year is to be held will be made by the NEC Organisation Sub-Committee at their next meeting on October 17. Some people have speculated that the powers that be will locate it wherever their political forces are strongest, but we would not be so cynical.


6 Responses to Spring Conference: the full story

  1. Ian G says:

    Hm, I seem to recall when I was in the student movement they were never to keen to hold a conference in the West Midlands…

  2. HenryG says:

    Does Spring Conference have any political relevance, other than as a media backdrop for a leader’s speech?

  3. Ian G says:

    Spring conference combines women’s conference, local government conference and, every other year, Young Labour confrence. I know that electing the NEC youth rep is the only actuall decision which can be made at Young Labour conference. Don’t think the others have any formal business either.

  4. Ex-staff says:

    There was no such thing as a “Spring Conference” until 2001 anyway. There was a local government conference with something else tacked on.

  5. Just got an email from Peter Watt entitled “Cuts, cuts, cuts”.

    Nothing to do with Spring Conference, though. Something about a wacky left-wing pressure groups called ‘the Tories’.

  6. tyger says:

    Good digging Daily. Those monkey deserve a treat.

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