Prospects for another advance for Latin American Left

The chances look good for another advance for the left in Latin America in ten days time.

Rafael Correa is currently enjoying a ten point lead in the polls just ten days from the election day 15 October. He has indicated that he will forge stronger ties with Venezuela. It is unclear whether he will win outright in the first round of voting, but looks set to lead the field by some margin.


9 Responses to Prospects for another advance for Latin American Left

  1. I don’t claim to be an expert on Ecuador but surely rival candidate Leon Roldos is backed by the Democratic Left Party which is the Ecuadorian member of the Socialist International?

    I take the rather old-fashioned view that Labour supporters should show solidarity with/support for candidates associated with our sister parties in the SI.

  2. Nick says:

    Luke backs Fatah? And to think I never had you down as an Arafat man! 😉

  3. Yes actually I would if I was a Palestinian and remember meeting Fatah Youth and Israeli Young Labour and Meretz Youth people (at the same time) at ECOSY and IUSY events and them being fairly sensible proponents of a 2-state solution.

  4. Matthew says:

    It is right to back SI members in most cases. I would almost definitely vote for the Democrats in the States though, so there are cases where you would back those outside the SI if they were best placed to promote progressive values in government.

  5. The SI member parties in the US are DSA and Social Democrats USA. Both of them usually – though not exclusively – back the Democrats in elections and include people who are also active Democrats. My impression of them is that DSA would be similar to Compass-ite Labour people and SDUSA are nearer to my politics.

  6. fredrik says:

    SDUSA backed Ronald Reagan back in the 80s.

  7. fredrik says:

    Forgot one thing. In Brazil I would definetly support PT over PDT (even if they are SI).

  8. Informer says:

    “SDUSA are nearer to my politics”: Luke Akehurst

    “SDUSA backed Ronald Reagan back in the 80s.”

    Sounds about right…

  9. Of course we should generally support SI members. I’d be just as happy if Roldos won. I think I’m right in saying was in the same Government as Correa a few years ago.

    I’m sure we can all think of examples where we’d find it hard to support SI member parties. Many would have found it hard to support Craxi’s Socialists in Italy and I certainly would have had a great deal of trouble voting for the PSOE in 96 when their interior minister was imprisoned for directing acts of terrorism.

    The same applies across Latin America. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t support the Colombian Liberal Party (full SI members) but would support the Democratic Alternative Pole (SI observers).

    But the most important thing in all of this is a sense of perspective. As good as I think our blog is becoming, I will hereby undertake to buy you, Luke, a drink for every single genuine Ecuadorian vote that the Daily swings in the Ecuadorian election.

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