Those Tories: Video of the week

The Daily recommends this video of Boris Johnson fleeing the press pack after yesterday’s series of howlers slating Jamie Oliver, child safety in cars and the nation of Scotland before capping it off with the suggestion that decentralising power could lead to “Bradford or Tower Hamlets” declaring sharia law.

It’s not just watching Boris’ behaviour as he flees like a fox from a pack of hounds, it is also the media which is fascinating to observe in action – check out the expressions of relish on their faces as they corner their quarry. They even manage to find a ladder to peer in to the press office where Boris fled for a desperate consultation with a gaggle of aides led by hapless Special Adviser Nigel Fletcher. Judging from his body language he has even less of a clue how to deal with the situation than Boris does. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for him. Well, almost.

Update: A contrite Johnson has been wheeled on to the stage to declare Jamie Oliver “a saint, a national hero – I salute him!” Unlike Blair, it’s safe to say that Boris definitely has a reverse gear.


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