Those Tories: Traitor Chishti speaks

The Daily was amused to see that last A-lister called as a contestant in the policy gameshow was one Rehman Chishti, though actually he’s only on the B-list. Chishti is a former Labour candidate who scurried over to the Tories when his career prospects looked brighter on the other side.

This correspondent recalls Chishti as one of the less bright Blairite Labour Students activists of his generation and perhaps the most hilarious change since then is the ridiculous posh accent that he now clearly puts on for the benefit of his audience.

His pet policy, not unreasonable in itself, was on tougher sentences for repeat drink drivers. He chose to introduce it with increasingly cringe-worthy paeons of praise to “our great leader, who spoke to us on Sunday” and when challenged on the costs of extra prison places explained that “I was speaking to the Shadow Chancellor about this only the other day”. And apparently, the Shadow Chancellor intends to fund some new prisons using the money saved by axing ID cards.

Now, there may be a number of good reasons to be sceptical about ID cards, but as the budget stands, the costs will be covered by funding already allocated for the switch to biometric passports (necessary for travel to the US among other places) and the fee for the card.

So unless Cameron is planning to either charge everyone to not have an ID card, or give up his trips over to Washington to visit his CIA paymasters neo-con allies, there won’t be any extra money available for prisons or anything else.

This is, in fact, a Lib Dem gimmick from the last election which many Conservative candidates had fun trashing at the time. So either Chishti’s chat with the Shadow Chancellor wasn’t quite as he recalled, or Gideon Osborne is about to unveil a reheated Lib Dem policy so laughable that the Tories have already rebutted it themselves.

Update: Chishti’s proposal netted 11% of the audience’s vote, putting him in the fourth position out of, erm, four. Looks like the hunt for that safe Tory seat could take a while longer.


12 Responses to Those Tories: Traitor Chishti speaks

  1. Andrea says:

    The tories are selecting in Gillingham and Rainham soon…let’see if they select him (or if he, at least, reaches the final stage)

  2. Benjamin says:

    Your niavete regarding ID cards is rather too obvious. The scheme is sure to be over budget anyway, judging by the record of Labour IT projects, and apart from the costs they are an attack on the basic liberties of the citizen.

    I, for one, don’t want to hand over increasing amounts of personal data to to a national state-run database. I for one, don’t share the niavete and wishful thinking about the implications of that by the statists of the Labour Party.

    To be asked to prove your identity by the state, or whichever agency, is all well and good. But or the state to LICENSE the individual, which is precisely what the proposed system is about, is truly totalitarian in concept.

    I guess we can expect no less than for Labour folk to play jejune party politics on this; talking about Lib Dems gimmicks etc. Please try going beyond such shallow analysis and think about the fundamentals of this.

    This is beyond party politics: lovers of liberty should oppose ideas on principle. The extortionate cost both in terms taxpayers money and the forced fees on the individual, and the indignity of being herded like sheep into special centres are simply unpleasant add-ons to be expected of this govt I suppose.

  3. Matthew says:

    Benjamin – did you even read this piece to the end? Your comment is a bit OTT given the writer seems to oppose ID cards as well. He is just saying that you can’t spend the money saved from “scrapping” ID cards several times over. Take a few deep breaths and read it again.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Sorry, I just feel very strongly about ID cards.

  5. Matthew says:

    Yes, I think we spotted that!

  6. Nick says:

    God, there would be an irony if the first person I knew from student politics to get in to the Commons was elected as a Tory…

  7. Shamik Das says:

    I can’t believe that slimy little tosser’s defected. Well, with enemies like him, …

  8. Has he moved left or right?

  9. Nick says:

    I suspect he has no inclinations towards either left or right, just upwards…

  10. Passing Tory says:

    We don’t like him much either…

  11. Nick says:

    I certainly wouldn’t trust him – he is just using you as the most convenient vehicle for a political career. Will be interesting to watch Gillingham & Rainham…

  12. Passing Tory says:

    Thanks, Nick

    Who says that there can’t be cross-party agreement?

    You are quite right about Gillingham, but I hope the Association there has more sense.

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