Those Tories: Photo of the week

The audience at the Conservative Party conference in Bournemouth

We’re not sure whether to open a caption competition or let this one speak for itself.

The Daily is currently watching an interesting new way of forming policy by those Tories, whereby selected “A-list” candidates get to propose a policy of their choice, then a panel of the great and good quiz them on it, before the audience vote using their gameshow style voting pads, throughout which Theresa May prowls around the stage acting as the gameshow host in an extraordinary leather coat. We can only hope this doesn’t give anyone at No 10 any ideas for how to “renew” Labour’s policy processes.


3 Responses to Those Tories: Photo of the week

  1. Ian G says:

    Let’s face it, it sounds more democratic than PiP!

  2. As it turned out, the “winning” policy actually only gets referred to the Policy Commission, not actually adopted. They went for abolishing VAT on energy efficient lightbulbs. The whole thing was a bizarre spectacle.

  3. I notice that Luke Akehurst has also been unable to resist using this photo:

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