Clinton shoots Bush’s Fox

If The Daily’s team of chimps hadn’t been unleashed on the unsuspecting city of Manchester, we’d almost certainly have covered this interview with Bill Clinton on last week’s FoxNews Sunday.

The Bush administration and their GOP supporters have been trying to hit back against the Dems ahead of the mid-term congressional elections. Part of their campaigning has focused on trying to shift the blame for the failure to take effective action against Al Qaeda onto Clinton.

Clinton used the opportunity to hit back hard.


3 Responses to Clinton shoots Bush’s Fox

  1. fairdealphil says:

    Glad to see this is at last being picked up on the Labour network. I’d also missed it due to Manchester but blogged on it earlier today…

  2. My other half, who is a Democrat, barely stopped talking about it all week.

  3. IAN SMITH says:

    I wonder how their present “leader” —?, would have coped in this live situation!

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