Deputy leadership odds after conference

How have the runners and riders emerged out of conference week?

Ladbrokes have joined William Hill in opening a market on the race, with the following odds:

Johnson 2/1
Hain 7/2
Straw 5/1
Harman 8/1
Cruddas 8/1
Benn 10/1

William Hill re-opened their online coupon today, only for it to have closed again by this evening, but you can still bet by phone.

Hilary Benn is a surprise favourite at 5/2, even though he is not (yet, anyway) standing, and Miliband is on ridiculously low odds at 10/1 for a man who has actually ruled himself out. Meanwhile, Hain has slipped to 3/1 along with Johnson, and Harman has plummeted to 14/1 with Cruddas now breathing down her neck at 16/1.

With the bookies all over the place there should be chances to hedge. Just be sure to donate a share of profits to good causes.

There is a range of press coverage, for those wishing to pick up on what various journos managed to glean during the week, in the Telegraph, Guardian, Times and Independent.


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