Labour conference: virtual insanity

Labour conference opened to a soundtrack that included “Virtual insanity” – the latest in a long line of ironic choices of music that stretches back to “A little less conversation” in the year that Blair launched the, erm, Big Conversation.

The Daily apologises for slow posting, but the virtual insanity extends to the rather poor IT facilities, with long queues for the half-dozen, fairly slow, PCs that make up the exhibition’s internet cafe (billed as a bloggers’ area, but open to all). Perhaps we can suggest the party provide a wi-fi hotspot or perhaps a dedicated area that bloggers can pay a small fee for next year?

Meanwhile, the chaos extends to the ticketing arrangements as large numbers of people – including a few MPs that The Daily has come across forlonly rearranging meetings to venues outside the conference site – have been left without access to the secure zone. Take note for next year that you should get your application in well in advance. And then pray they don’t lose your pass.

The Daily can also report a roaring trade in alternative lanyards, and this correspondent is certainly not advertising MurdochVision.


One Response to Labour conference: virtual insanity

  1. tyger says:

    It’ll have to be data cards or bluetooth mobiles!

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