Labour conference: Blair – Compass is the future

Volunteers at the stall run by soft-left internal pressure group Compass earlier today received a shock endorsement when Blair personally approached at their stall in the conference exhibition and announced to the young shock troops of democratic socialism that “You are the future of the Labour Party!”

The story is spoiled only very slightly by the fact that this was Cherie Blair, not Tony.

We can vouch for the accuracy this story, but make no comment on other rumours doing the rounds that she stalked out of the conference hall during Gordon Brown’s speech, making an apparently sarcastic remark to a Bloomberg journalist on the way.


7 Responses to Labour conference: Blair – Compass is the future

  1. Andrea says:

    well, Chrie Blair should learn to keep her month closed (not the Compass comment, the other one). Her ego is not second to Clare Short’s one and I suppose the last thing the Labour Party needs at the moment is a Drama Queen leaving the conference trying to get the attention to herself.

  2. Giles says:

    She seems to be a bit a bit schizophrenic in her politics if both sets of remarks are true.

    Compass being soft lefties who will probably reluctantly end up supporting Brown against a Blairite outrider.

    Or maybe she just doesn’t know if she is coming or going. And is just out of it as her hubby is.

  3. tyger says:

    Cherie is to the left of Brown and Blair, however she will support a Blairite because of personal reasons, not, because of ideology.

  4. Andrea says:

    ops, in the first comment I meant mouth, not month!

  5. As usual Cherie makes a story out of her. Interesting endorsement from Blair on Compass, after his recent criticisms.

  6. el tom says:

    Have to agree with the Tyger. And I can verify the accuracy of this scurrilous rumour, I was on the Compass stall myself, and we were’nt bullshitting to each other about it!

  7. It should be noted that while Cherie may have described us as the future of the Labour Party, she didn’t confirm or deny whether she’d still vote for the Labour Party if her prediction proved to be correct.

    Peter Hain and Ed Balls both posed for photos with the Compass crew. Harriet Harman’s tour party breezed past.

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