Labour’s future

Following Iain Dale’s “exclusive” revelation that Michael Meacher is considering a leadership bid, we note that Meacher has now put a blog up at Bloggers4Labour.

The site is called “Michael Meacher – Labour’s future”. We think he might be subtly hinting at something there, but we can’t quite think what it might be.

Most of the pieces seem to be dedicated to attacking Gordon Brown, though he pauses to hope that there be a “Centre-Left” candidate for the party leadership. It seems that he isn’t counting John McDonnell, as he was up and running before Meacher wrote that post. Whoever could he have in mind?

On a more familiar Meacher theme, he denies that any genocide took place in Kosovo – apparently that was just an excuse for “a war that was actually aimed at the dismemberment of the last centralised State-run economy in Europe.”

Sadly, however, he remains quiet on the subject of the 9/11 attacks, and we can find no further information on the activities of the ten-foot-tall shape-shifting lizard men who secretly rule the world.


6 Responses to Labour’s future

  1. Andrea says:

    will he manage to get at least a comment (maybe a spam)?
    To be fair to him he hasn’t promoted the existence of this blog.

  2. It’s just gone up on the B4L feed this weekend.

  3. tyger says:

    ..the dismemberment of the last centralised State-run economy in Europe

    Is Belarus is Africa now?

  4. HenryG says:

    If Meacher at 67 is our future, then give me a time machine. Someone should have a word.

  5. Henry Gregg says:

    Just in case anyone thinks that this last, rather ageist comment was me – it wasn’t. Henry G – I salute your name but not your blog response. You are never too old to lead a political party – Churchill was elected Prime Minister the second time at the age of 77!

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