Cruddas odds slashed again

Ladbrokes have issued a press release (covered in today’s Sunday Mirror) announcing that they have slashed their odds on Jon Cruddas winning Labour’s deputy leadership to 8/1, leaving him breathing down the neck of the frontrunners.

News also reaches us that William Hill have now stopped taking bets on Cruddas altogether – it is rumoured that they are in a slight panic, exposed to a £50,000 loss in their deputy leadership market if he wins.

Cruddas’ odds have gone from 100/1 to 8/1 in barely over a week – but if anyone can find a bookies that’s offering better odds than that, please do let us know!


8 Responses to Cruddas odds slashed again

  1. tyger says:

    Is it true that the Unions are pushing for Cruddas?

    I tend to fancy a female DPM (esp. if Brown is PM), but whoever it is needs to concentrate on building bridges with a disillusioned public. Forget policy – think connection. This – IMHO – rules out Hain. Although Hain should be given an important brief.

  2. thomas says:

    Cruddas used to liaise with the unions when he worked in Downing St between 97 and 01 so it would make sense if they are backing him. They dont like Hain so that helps him too.

    Some people will want a woman deputy – but i suspect others might remember Harman cutting single parent benefits and think twice.

    All in all, it is quite difficult to say without knowing who all the candidates are.

  3. tyger says:

    Noooo Harman was horid on QT this week – a real turn off.

    Blears or Hain.

  4. thomas says:

    Hain is really disliked in the PLP apparently. He keeps changing his tune on things according to the political wind – he even used to be anti-euro!

  5. tyger says:

    That’s fair enough, DPM will need to be popular(ish), but Hain is one of the few heavyweights not utterly besmirched!

  6. Benjamin says:

    Blimey. Hazel Blears as Deputy? She’s surely one of the most annoying politicians in the UK!

  7. Giles says:

    Can’t see Hain myself as deputy

    Ex young liberal

    Ex Putney socialist (a term of abuse from the London Labour Party in the 80s) for middle class, do as I say not as I do types. He was Labour candidate against the delightful (!) David Mellor in 1987.

    Think who is actually left in the Labour Party as members. The total and utter party loyalists, who will go for who is going to win the election. Or old left head bangers, for whom Hain is a sell out for remaining in government.

    The old soft left is tiny now. Cruddas has some credibility with them by his intelligent and constructive criticism. Hain does not. And the traditional Labourites, won’t fancy a Liberal as deputy leader. Look at the trouble having a one nation tory/ neo-liberal as leader has caused!

    Though at least he has shown a spark of independence in trying to push the government towards a slightly more radical edge.

  8. swatantra nandanwar says:

    Definitely not Hain; The public will not warm to him. Always struck me as cold, missing that congenealty factor. And, he’s always been an opportunist.
    Hazel is doing ok in her job as Chair. Lovely, genuine ,warmhearted Mancunian lass. Reminds me of Hilda ‘she knows you know’ Baker.
    So we’re left with Alan Jonhson. He’ll do for now.

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