Labour Conference: another Daily first

OK, so this isn’t as big as the Clare Short exclusive, but the Daily is, I think, the first blog to use the Labour Party’s official blogging area in the conference exhibition.

Day 0 of Conference has thrown up a few things. Firstly, there are going to be some very angry party members who have come up to Conference, as in previous years, expecting to be able to get a last minute pass.

The re-named Late Accreditation Office (now called the Collection Point or something) is not accepting last-minute applications from anyone. People who have already applied are able to pick up their passes (and the office was very helpful with me, I have to say) but “police checks” mean that no one else gets to join in with the fun. One last-minute applicant, who applied over a week ago, was overheard being told that there was no guarantee that he’d get his pass before Monday.

Second is dodgy promo of the week. The early leader is Metronet, privatisers of London Underground. The passengers who faced huge delays for tube trains while Metronet’s engineering work ran over time in May probably could have done with the free bottles of water they are giving out with the message “refreshing the Tube”.


8 Responses to Labour Conference: another Daily first

  1. HenryG says:

    There should definately be a bloggers fringe event at next year’s conference.

  2. B4L says:

    HenryG, I think you’ll find there is one this year.

  3. Is there an actual fringe meeting, or do you mean the B4L meet up?

  4. B4L says:

    The latter, though it should be sufficient for most needs…

  5. Not entirely sure which HenryG meant – though frankly I’m sure most of us would prefer to go for a pint than listen to a fringe meeting about blogging! 🙂

  6. Benjamin says:

    Bloggers must present a security nightmare for the Labour Party. Witha little ingenuity a totally off message investigative blogger could gain access to the centre of the conference.

    Bloggers 4 Labour are generally loyal, but again potentially present a problem (as in ensuring consistency of message.)

    On a more trivial note, I see New Labour are keeping up their tradition of awful colour schemes; the Manchester 06 webpages are in a particularly sickly purple, pink and red.

  7. […] Jonathan has, thus far, posted three times but while the self-proclaimed unofficial blog hasn’t been updated since Friday, several other Labour bloggers have already been posted from Conference without the bells and whistles of either the official or the unofficial blogs: Antonia, Kris Brown (whose site seems to be a bit screwed up at the moment), Snedds, The Daily and Maidstone Labour Party. […]

  8. Benjamin says:

    From the official blog, we have this:

    “I must say, without being sycophantic, Tony Blair’s address was excellent – “we’ve done well in the past, and we have to tell everyone that, but now is the time to look to the future” was the message.”

    A sign of things to come? Not going to win a Pullitzer.

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