Spanish right suckered by conspiracies

The Guardian ran a story last week that Spain’s two biggest newspapers had gone head to head over whether there was a conspiracy between Basque terrorists and the Islamists responsible for the Madrid bombings.

This is a controversial subject as the Aznar Government’s claims that the bombs were set off by ETA, despite having evidence to the contrary, was a factor in the Socialist victory over his successor Rajoy.

Well, they’re still at it in Spain. The now opposition right-wing PP have been conspiracy-mongering over a substance that was found in the room of one of the Madrid bombers and also found with some ETA members.

This all came from El Mundo, the right wing newspaper that helped to bring down Gonzalez’s corrupt government in the 1990s. The paper’s Chief Exec Pedro J. Ramirez famously remarked that the only way they’d get Aznar into the Presidential Palace was by pushing him in.

El Mundo ran an interview with a crook that made these allegations. However, it has now emerged in the Socialist leaning El Pais that the substance the piece referred to was a cockroach-killing insecticide.

Even before these facts emerged, 60% of Spaniards disbelieved the conspiaracy, according to Cadena Ser‘s Pulsometro poll. Two years on, the Socialists under Zapatero have a four or five point lead in the polls. This has been stable since the election and, with regional elections on the way, may well increase as the Spanish right are linked into these loony conspiracy theories.


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