The Daily couldn’t help but laugh when we read reports of Lib Dem Environment spokesman Norman Baker’s campaign against junk mail.

All political parties now use leaflets to get their message out, but the Lib Dems wrote the book on this. They are notorious for deluging voters with Focus leaflets and deceptive propaganda newspapers disguised as a local freesheet.

The Lib Dem leadership has taken this to new heights today by giving out Focus leaflets to their own conference delegates, explaining why they should vote against taxing high earners.

We are delighted to see a trademark bar chart (which usually uses some incredible contortion of the facts to claim that “only the Lib Dems can beat [insert opposition here]”) and a clever but simplistic bit of spin as the headline. But it’s a pity there’s no “two-horse race” clipart.

As is often the case, these tactics worked and delegates voted down the tax-the-rich plan by a margin of two to one.

It will be interesting to see how the flagship Local Income Tax fits in to this – those earning over £100k a year were exempt, so if the original scheme is left intact then it might leave the Lib Dems as the only party demanding an actual tax cut for Britain’s highest wage earners.


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